Should Employers Use Computer Monitoring Software Or Is It An Invasion Of Privacy?

Thousands of business owner’s worldwide who are considering using computer monitoring software and it’s a bit of dilemma. For most, they aren’t really sure what this does so what does it do? Well, monitoring software is what the name suggests it monitors the activity within a chosen computer. It can pick up every key stroke and web activity but this is needed or is this step an invasion of privacy?

Privacy at Work Isn’t Always Given

Let’s be honest, you have a certain level of privacy at work. For instance, employers don’t technically have the right to search your locker unless you are suspected of stealing. However, if you’re using company tools such as computers, employers can actually monitor your activity. If you’re supposed to be doing work then you are supposed to be doing this during your set hours and not surfing the web or on social networking sites. You’d think employees wouldn’t do such things but thousands do and they’re not supposed to be paying you to surf the web. That is why a Keylogger is greatly needed and it’s potentially useful.

Can You Trust Your Employees?

Employees worldwide believe employers cannot use a Keylogger to monitor their activities during working hours but it’s actually not illegal and it has become necessary. Will this be right for you? Well, it’s a personal choice. If you feel your employees can be trusted and you haven’t seen a slip in performance then maybe you don’t need such software. Then again, if you feel employees are wasting time then it could be worth trying. It’s hard to know for sure.

Should Employers Use Computer Monitoring Software Against Their Employees?

Employee monitoring software is great and despite what many believe, it’s not about spying on an individual, this is about ensuring your employees are doing what they’re supposed to. Are you really happy to pay someone to sit and instant message their friends online? Of course you aren’t happy and in all honesty no employer should be doing this. It isn’t fair and while thousands and thousands of employees are hard working, a small few don’t. Unfortunately it is necessary to use such tools at times but that doesn’t mean to say its right or wrong. It’s legal to monitor employees as long as they are using company owned equipment; if they use their own personal computers during working hours, you do not have the right to do so.

Employees and Employers Should Come Together For A Sit-Down Talk

Sometimes, there needs to be a fair and reasonable understanding between employees and employers. Employers absolutely need to trust their employees to a certain degree and employees should feel at ease or comfortable at work also. However, if employees abuse that trust then it’s going to result in employee monitoring software being needed. It’s unfortunate but in this modern world, it has become necessary. Hopefully employers won’t need this but you can never tell.

You Must Make the Choice

At times, it will be necessary for businesses to use monitoring software as employees aren’t doing what they should. However, many employees are responsible and as a result, this software isn’t always needed. It’s tricky because most employees are good people and are hardworking but a small number aren’t. In a way, employee monitoring is necessary and it also isn’t. Computer monitoring software is tough so you have to make the final decision at the end of the day.

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